Places to visit

Syntagma Square

(1.8 km from the venue hotel, buses E14/X14, 224, 732 or metro M3 from Evangelismos station – 15-20 minutes)

Syntagma Square is the most famous in Athens if not all of Greece, it is dominated by the imposing neoclassical Old Royal Palace, which has housed the Greek Parliament since 1935.


(2 km from the venue hotel, 8 minutes by car or taxi depending on traffic or metro M3 from Evangelismos station to Syntagma Square then bus 230 – 30 minutes)

The Acropolis, or Sacred Rock, is synonymous with Athens. Streets around the Acropolis are pedestrian areas.

Contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance, the most famous being the Parthenon.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, this is a must to visit while in Athens.

The Acropolis Museum

(2.4 km from the venue hotel, bus 550 or metro M3 from Evangelismos station, then M2 from Syntagma Square – 17-19 minutes)

Built during the 1990s and open since 2009, the modern Acropolis Museum was commissioned as the existing museum could no longer house the growing volume of archaeological treasures discovered on the site.

Its exhibits cover the period from the Greek Bronze Age to Roman and Byzantine Greece.

National Archaeological Museum

(2.4 km from the venue hotel, bus 224 then metro M2 or M1 or bus 608, 622 from Evangelismos metro station– 30-40 minutes)

The National Archaeological Museum is one of the best in the world, housing artifacts from pre-history to late Antiquity with its Cycladic, Mycenaean and Egyptian collections. It has best collection from Ancient Greece anywhere in the world.

Byzantine & Christian Museum

(1 km from the venue hotel, a 15-minute walk)

The Byzantine and Christian Museum, which is based in Athens, is one of Greece’s national museums. Offers an impressive collection of Christian and Byzantine art.

Exhibits are divided into ancient (4th to 15th century) and modern (15th to 20th century).

Benaki Museum

(1.2 km from the venue hotel, 16 minutes on foot)

The Benaki Museum has several sites, but the main one is the former Benaki family mansion in central Athens.

It houses a diverse collection, including Islamic art from across the Near East, Chinese and pre-Colombian art, as well as a particularly complete and important collection of Greek artifacts from ancient times to the early 20th century.

Panathenaic Stadium

(15 min walk distance from the venue hotel)

The Panathenaic Stadium, also known as the Kallimármaro (meaning the “beautifully marbled”), is a multi-purpose stadium used for several events and athletics in Athens.

The Stadium hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

Reconstructed from the remains of an ancient Greek stadium, the Panathenaic is the only stadium in the world built entirely by marble and is one of the oldest in the world.

Athens Concert Hall

(10 min walk from venue hotel)

The Hall was inaugurated in 1991 with two halls. Since then it has been augmented with two more halls and now has a total of four: two large and two smaller ones. The Hall has optimal facilities for opera performances, and some operas are presented every season.